Token Type
Choose a Token.
Token Details
Token Features
ERC20 Compliant
Token will be compliant with the ERC20 Standard.
Verified Source Code
Token Source Code will automatically be verified on Etherscan
Remove Credits
Remove credits to SmartContracts Tools from Token Source Code.
Customizable Decimals
Token decimal precision can be customized. 18 otherwise.
Supply Type
Choose between 10k, Fixed, Unlimited or Capped.
Access Type
Choose between None, Ownable or Role Based.
The Token can be manually burned to reduce circulating supply.
Owner or accounts with minting permission will be able to generate new tokens, up to token max supply, by minting them.
A tax fee will be added to transfers. For each transaction a fee will automatically be sent to a predefined address. Owner can exclude some accounts from the taxation mechanism.
Anti Whale Protection
Users cannot hold more than a specific percentage of total supply. Owner can change that percentage or disable it. Owner can exclude some accounts from the anti whale mechanism.
Liquidity Pool Setup
A Liquidity Pool pair will automatically be created onUniswap. Token owner can set an initial supply amount to add to the liquidity pool and can choose to lock LP tokens forever in the token contract or receive them in their wallet.
Note: for security purposes, initial token supply will be sent to token contract itself. Requires a second transaction to initiate liquidity.
Token supply will reduce over time. For each transaction a fee will automatically be burned. Owner can exclude some accounts from the deflation mechanism.
ERC1363 is an extension interface for ERC20 tokens that supports executing code on a recipient contract after transfers, or code on a spender contract after approvals, in a single transaction.
Token Recover
It allows the contract owner to recover any ERC20 or NFT (ERC721) token sent into the contract for error and send them to a receiver.
Transfer Type
Choose between Unstoppable or Pausable.

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