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Token Generator

Create ERC20 Token Online in less than a minute with the most used Solidity Smart Contract Generator.

No login. No setup. No coding required. No credit card required.

Customizable. Reliable. Tested. Audited.

With Token Generator, you have the flexibility to tailor your token to meet your specific requirements and objectives.

The user-friendly interface provides a seamless experience, allowing even those without extensive technical knowledge to create tokens efficiently.

You can effortlessly define the token's name, symbol, total supply, and decimal places, as well as select different features such as Mintable, Burnable, Deflationary, Taxable, Reflection, Anti Whale Protection, Liquidity Pool Setup and others, giving your token its unique identity.

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Create ERC20 Token Online

Choose your preferred Network and easily deploy Smart Contracts for Standard ERC20 or BEP20 Tokens.


Native Currency ETH
Token Standard ERC20
Different Token Types 16

BNB Smart Chain

Native Currency BNB
Token Standard BEP20
Different Token Types 16

Polygon PoS

Native Currency MATIC
Token Standard ERC20
Different Token Types 14


Native Currency AVAX
Token Standard ERC20
Different Token Types 14

Install MetaMask

You need to have MetaMask installed with an amount of native currency to pay for contract deployment.


Enter your preferred Token name and symbol. Choose your supply and Token type.

Deploy your Token

Confirm your transaction using MetaMask. Once deployed your Token is ready to use.

About Token Generator

Simplified Token Creation Process

Token Generator provides a user-friendly interface simplifying the process of creating ERC20 tokens and making it accessible to individuals and businesses regardless of their technical expertise. You don't need to be an expert in coding or blockchain development to create an ERC20 token. By leveraging Token Generator, you can save time and effort while bringing your token idea to life.

Cost-Effective Solution

Developing a custom ERC20 token from scratch can be a complex and expensive undertaking. However, Token Generator offers a cost-effective alternative. Instead of hiring developers or dedicating substantial resources to token development, using Token Generator significantly reduces the financial barrier. You can allocate your resources to other crucial aspects of your project, such as marketing, community building, or liquidity provisions.

Customization and Flexibility

Token Generator allows you to customize your ERC20 token according to your specific requirements. You can define the token’s name, symbol, total supply, and decimal points to match your project’s goals. Furthermore, Token Generator provides additional features such as token minting, burning, or anti-whale protection, liquidity provider, taxation, deflation and more. This flexibility enables you to design a token that aligns perfectly with your project’s vision and use case.

Instant Deployment and Interoperability

Using Token Generator eliminates the need for extensive development and deployment processes. Once you finalize the token parameters and configurations, the Token Generator deploys the token on the Ethereum network instantly. This quick deployment allows you to start leveraging your token without unnecessary delays. Additionally, ERC20 tokens created using Token Generator are compatible with existing wallets, exchanges, and decentralized applications (DApps). This interoperability ensures that your token can seamlessly integrate into the broader Ethereum ecosystem, enhancing its potential for adoption and liquidity.

Community Engagement and Token Economy

Creating an ERC20 token using Token Generator empowers you to build a community around your project. Tokens can serve as a powerful incentive to attract and engage users, fostering a vibrant ecosystem. By designing tokenomics that align with your project’s goals, you can reward early adopters, incentivize community participation, or establish governance mechanisms. These features allow you to nurture a thriving community that supports the growth and sustainability of your project.

Access to DeFi Ecosystem

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has gained immense popularity, offering innovative financial services on the Ethereum blockchain. By creating an ERC20 token, you can tap into the vast DeFi ecosystem. Your token can be used as collateral in lending platforms, provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), or participate in yield farming protocols. Integrating with DeFi applications expands the utility and value of your token, opening up new avenues for growth and adoption.

Code Security, Bug-Free Deployment, and Audits

Token Generator prioritizes code security and ensures bug-free deployment of your ERC20 token. The tool follows best practices and industry standards to generate clean, optimized, and well-audited code. By utilizing Token Generator, you can have confidence in the reliability and robustness of your token’s smart contract. By utilizing this tool, you can enhance the credibility of your token, build trust among stakeholders, and safeguard your users’ assets, ultimately paving the way for the success and adoption of your project in the blockchain ecosystem.

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